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Confessions of a Married Mama

Recently, I got a chance to collaborate with fellow blogger mama Jo Funderbunk (@momslikeher). We decided to produce point and counterpoint blog entries detailing our married vs. single motherhood experiences thus far. Jo is a newly single mama of a one-and-a-half-year-old son and she's trying to master the art of co-parenting. I, on the other hand, have been married for two years and am the mama of a seven-month-old son and expecting my second! Our experiences have been vastly different but when it comes down to the love of our family, we share a common bond. Click the link in my bio to read both of our stories; they’re posted sequentially. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Feature Friday, Motherhood

Lessons in Love: Baking with Bella

A little about this week's guest blogger: She goes by Angie or Mrs. N! Angie is a full-time working mommy and wife, and part-time MBA student. She have a passion for writing, and loves writing about juggling career, motherhood, fitness, with a little bit of travel. Her blog has something for all women, mothers and non-mothers alike. She is learning a lot on this motherhood journey, and only has one daughter (who is a beautiful handful). Welcome Angie to #mymommyhood

Feature Friday

Say No to Yes

One reason I created #FeatureFriday is a way for like-minded bloggers to share their stories, experiences, tips and much more. I would love to introduce you all to our FIRST guest blogger, Chrystal Neely. Chrystal Neely is married and a working mom of two Pokémon, Super Mario obsessed boys.  She is a corporate writer and has been published in various Atlanta-based magazines. Most recently, her writing was featured on POPSUGAR. After eight years of #boymommin, she has developed her personal blog, "More Lemonade Please," centered around thriving in spite of the lemons life throws at you. Welcome Chrystal. #mymommyhood

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When In Doubt STOP GOOGLING: Google is not a Mom’s friend.

How often should baby eat? What type of purées for his age? What should his poop look like? - every time I have a question about baby boy or parenting, what do I do? Google it like everyone else. And that is sooooo terrible! Google is full of answers that give opinions in form of… Continue reading When In Doubt STOP GOOGLING: Google is not a Mom’s friend.