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Stop Talking About My Child’s Weight

As a mom, or just as a parent, have you heard "oh he/she needs to stop eating" or "wow, they're so tiny" or any statements aimed at your child's weight? I know I have, and I am tired of it. .... It honestly makes me doubt my motherhood when I hear my baby is fat for his age or will be overweight as a toddler. It causes me to second guess his hunger cues and my mothers intuition, become insecure about whether I'm fit to be his mom, and other insecure thoughts.


Feature Friday: Who Makes Up Your Village?

A little about this weeks guest blogger: Hi, I’m Sarah! I am a mother, a wife, a middle sister, an aunt, a daughter and poodle mom. I am a certified professional life coach, owner of Blessings and Lessons Coaching, host of the Homework to Happiness Podcast and now, founder of Mommy Real. As a life coach, I have made it my mission to create a space for moms, where self love is rediscovered by simply keepin’ it real. Mommy Real.