Back to the Basics: Your Diaper Bag Matters

I have been through three different diaper bags. I know what you’re thinking: “why in the world? You only have an 8 month old.” Well, a diaper bag is like a moms biggest, and sometimes ONLY, accessory. I stopped spending money on me and it all went to baby boy. But this diaper bag, it was for both of us.

This will be a simple and short blog post, but I didn’t want to go without talking about it. A lot of seemingly trivial things go on in motherhood, and I have said I will try to discuss as much detail as I can about this journey, so here it is.

The diaper bag to the left is what I started out with when I first had baby and the one to the right, I purchased recently. There was a diaper bag I purchased in between but wasn’t able to picture it because I think I threw it away.

So the reason I chose the first diaper bag was because it was mannish enough for hubby to carry whenever he had baby boy. Then, I decided it wasn’t stylish enough for me. It just seemed so boring and I honestly wanted to accessorize; being that my whole life was now about baby, I needed something for Mama.

The second diaper bag I went to was like a big, oversized purse. It has stripes, was stylish but hubby definitely couldn’t carry it (even though he did- he’s very secure in his manhood). Then, that diaper bag, although stylish, wasn’t very functional. It wasn’t enough room (at least the way I packed it) so I went with third diaper bag- one pictured to the right.

It was a backpack so perfect for helping my back when I had two babies to carry (currently 5 months pregnant and have an 8 month old). Well, that lasted a while but recently, I realized the backpack also lacked functionality. as my 8 month old becomes progressively more active, in bringing more toys and less clothes/other things (diaper bag essentials listed below), and the build of the backpack didn’t sustain that.

So, I went back to my basic diaper bag. Not as stylish but very functional in duffle bag form (id recommend this format to any mother of more than one child). It holds diapers (and will have space for my newborns diapers as well), bottles, Toys, clothes, etc. the main reason I went back to this one is because, with two children, I’ll need more space but not looking too bulky.

Being trendy isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes the trendiest items aren’t the most functional. So I say, let’s go back to the basics- our parents didn’t have all these options and did just fine. 🙂

Diaper Bag Essentials

Things I always have in my diaper bag (this will be different for newborns or older kids):

-formula for 3 bottles (in a compact formula holder thing)

-snack ziploc bag with cereal

-2 empty bottles

-water bottle


-one change of baby clothes

-5 diapers


-travel sized : diaper cream, lotion, and baby wash

-3-4 toys

-3 squeezable juice purees

-jacket and beanie for baby

And I’m sure there may be things I’m forgetting, or packing too much, but I think: you never know who you may have to leave your baby with or what may happen while you’re out. So I stay prepared.

My basic diaper bag allows me to pack it all without having a bulky bag or carrying more than one bag; so it’s back to the basics for this mommy.

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