Pregnant and Parenting Pt. 3: Baby is on The Move And so Are We

Packing and moving are two things that can bring such joy and such misery. As someone who has moved more than fingers can count, you think I’d be used to it. But moving as a mama, as a pregnant woman, and as a wife is so much more difficult than moving as a child or single .woman (as I was in my previous moves).

Baby is on the move…

Before I get to the more sad part of this blog, I want to share the happiest moment of this process: my baby is now a PRO at crawling. Now, I know I posted about his crawling before , but he has gotten so much faster and is now standing! Yes, standing! Unassisted for about 3-5 seconds at a time. I am convinced that he will be walking before he turns 10 months (okay, maybe before 11).

He’s so independent now, it’s such a beautiful thing to see. Then, it becomes sad realizing he’s growing and soon he’ll be out of the house. Okay, too far? Yea maybe . Lol . He’s only 8 months.

He’s into everything now that he’s on the move. Blessing and a curse. So curious, and sometimes willingly disobedient (he def understands “No”.)

but overall, I’m excited to see him grow.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

– proverbs 22:6

And so are we…

Yes , we are moving. We have owned and lived in our one bedroom condo for 2 years and it’s time for a change.

When we first got this condo, March 2016, hubby and I were newly married (January 2016) and thought we’d be here for a while. (Side note: BUY something, don’t just rent. Condos and townhomes are more affordable than you think if you have good credit).

Although I wanted kids, it wasn’t on the immediate radar so we thought we’d be set. Then, after having our son, we still thought we could make it work in a one bedroom for a few year. Then I got pregnant again (currently 5 months) but even still, we toyed with the idea of making it work. That idea was short lived.

As you can see, our 8 month old takes up our entire living room (this isn’t even the half of it). I could only imagine having two how chaotic things would be. So, our main reasons for moving:

1) my sanity: I love organization and with a 1 bedroom , and 4 people, only so much organizing one can do to make it work (now some people do it! They are awesome superhero’s! I can’t see the fit tho).

2) having a yard : it’s such a hassle living in a condo (basically an apartment we own) because I have to plan trips to get out of the house to play. With a home, there’s a yard and a simple walk outside.

3) prices aren’t getting any cheaper: in Los Angeles, it should be illegal the way the housing market is going. Things have just kept going up since we bought 2 years ago.

4) entertain/host: it has always been my husbands goal (and now mine) to use our home to bless others. Yes we’ve used our 1 bedroom to do just that but with more space, the possibilities of being more of a blessing to others is greater.

The move before the move..

God (not us at all, but ALL GOD) has blessed us with a 4 bedroom 2 bath home in our budget. What a tremendous upgrade. However, it needs work. So before we get to move and live happily ever after (sike.. that’s still not happening) we must first temporarily stay with a family member for repairs to be done on our home.

Now this wasn’t, and still isn’t, the most comfortable idea to me, for many reasons. However, I am reminded constantly that God can use this as an opportunity to grow me in many areas: such as humility.

Proverbs 11:2 says :

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.

And I desire to be wise. So this shall be a great experience for me to learn from.

I will definitely keep you all updated with a future post of “before and after” renovation pictures.

until next time.


Oh, also, I will be using Blue Man Cleaning Solutions for my house cleaning needs. Be sure to check them out and schedule an appointment, there’s sales going on RIGHT NOW for carpet cleaning.

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