Snippets of MyMommyhood: Sleep is a Distant Memory

Snippets of MyMommyhood is something new I want to start doing. I’d love to engage with continuous blog posts but it takes time that I don’t always have. So, I’m going to use these little snippets to be short and sweet but keep you all updated on #mymommyhood.

What Sleep Bruh?

I love to hear about all the mothers who’s infants started sleeping through the night since they were two weeks old *sarcasm*.

My 9 (almost 10) month old, however, is NOT. Lol.

He was down to going to sleep at nine-ten, waking up twice a night for a bottle, then waking up for good around six-seven.

That was before we moved. Now we’re staying with my in-laws until our new home is ready and he wakes anywhere between 3-4 times a night. Idk if it’s because he’s now sleeping in a pack -n-play or because it’s a new environment or teething or a little bit of all three. 😫😫

I just wanted to post this one because, well, regular nights sleep may be far far away for some moms, and that’s okay. I’m a firm believer in meeting your child where they’re at. No mommy shaming here! There will be plenty of time for sleep in the distant future (haha). But right now, enjoy the snuggles, cuddles and extra comfort time with your little one (reminding myself as I write this cause the struggle is REAL!).

here’s pictures of my growing infant 💙💙💙🤗🤗 just love him !!

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