Less is More: Birthday Celebration

As I grow older, I don’t appreciate the parties and huge crowds as much as I do intimate, personal relationships and get togethers.

For previous birthdays, I’ve celebrated with kickbacks (drinking, smoking, dancing) – my before Christ (BC) days, skate parities with huge crowds, etc. now, not so much.

This year, I went to brunch (above) with my husband, son, sister & her husband, and godparents. It was simple and delicious (check out Bru’s Wiffle) .

Then, we took “maternity” pictures for this pregnancy (it wasn’t too fancy.. I’m pretty over it and exhausted at this point) haha. And played “Compton-opoly”.. that’s monopoly made after the city of Compton, Ca. Then that evening, went to eat at TGIFridays with my sister, her husband, my husband and son.. NONE of my friends ended up coming.. and you know what, I was perfectly okay with that.

I Want Smaller Circles Around Me

At 25, I realize my social life isn’t typical. I spend most times with my son and husband, and if not, in one on one interactions with friends.

Larger crowds require more energy, too much “entertaining” and not enough authenticity. Thus, I opt in for personal time with others. I feel this is where we can really get to know each other, go deep, pray with one another, and enjoy fellowship.

I realized with larger crowds, I was also more lonely. So focused on being the center of attention but it felt like no one was there. No one knew the real me.

And even still, most don’t. Only those who I let into my home, who are consistent (and I’m consistent with as well).

So yea, I enjoyed this birthday.

So I defiantly enjoyed this birthday. Didn’t need all the glitz and glam.. just fam. (#bars). Ha

Sorry this blog entry was kind of all over the place but I like being raw and real with everyone because, everything isn’t always so well put together .

Here’s some of our photos from the mini “maternity” shoot in front of our new home, followed by housewarming/baby shower shots.


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