It All Started With a Follow: How I Really Met my Husband

Disclaimer: this isn’t your typical , romantic story.. we didn’t meet, lock eyes and have a “love at first sight” kinda thing going. Also, being much more mature in my Christian walk, do not advocate for online dating relationships as a means of finding God’s choice for you. It just so happens, God’s grace is sufficient and this worked out for us. With that being said, here goes !

First Things First..

My reason for writing this blog is because I was inspired by a fellow bloggers story of her and her husbands love story, as awkwardly romantic as it was. Haha .. check out The Funny Momma’s latest blog here.

In the Beginning….

Lawrence, my husband, and I both have a mutual friend named Charlie. I’ve known her for some years now, as she used to date a brother-like figure of mine… we met at a church event and she was so persistent in making sure I was living out my walk with Christ as I should’ve (oh but I wasn’t) haha. (thank God for sanctification and that He pursued me).

Lawrence knew Charlie because of some friend from middle school (I believe middle – maybe it was high school). Anyway, here’s Charlie at our wedding rehearsal dinner (HAD to make her a bridesmaid because I love her and she’s the reason this all went down).

So Then…

so now that you have a little background, we can get started.

Charlie and Lawrence happened to be on the same train together some time in May 2013. Lawrence and Charlie exchanged updates on their lives (since they hadn’t been in contact for a while).

Some time following, Charlie posted a bible reading challenge. Reading all 4 gospels of the Bible through the summer and finishing at the end of summer. She tagged her friends in it and I was one. (I never finished by the way.. I don’t think I started actually lol).

Lawrence, whom I’m not sure if he was tagged or not, browsed my Instagram page from this tag.. he saw, from what he said, a woman who loved God and thought I was BOMB (okay, maybe he didn’t say that part) . So he asked Charlie about me.,

Charlie updated him: I was at UCLA getting my bachelors, my age (he claims he was told I was 20, but I was 19- about to be 20… he just turned 23), I loved the Lord, and other things I don’t remember.

Charlie in turn called me to tell me about this guy. I actually ignored her call (sorry girl) because I thought she was calling me to check on me spiritually. I wasn’t doing so hot and hadn’t read my bible in a while so I didn’t want to hear from her about it honestly lol.

She left a voicemail telling me about some guy she thought I’d be interested in. Told me he was Christian. So the first thing I thought was “great. He’s ugly”. Because if u have to lead with the “he’s godly ” quality first, it must be a disclaimer excusing his looks (I was wrong by the way cause my husband is BOMB)! She told me he was head of the sports department at USC (she misunderstood- he MERELY worked at USC intramural sports as a grad assistant), that he went to USC for graduate school of social work , and he played football in college.

I WAS SOLD- he sounded like a great catch, had a lot going for him, and she shared his IG Page, he was attractive. So instead of waiting for her to initiate a conversation, I hoped on a VERY old IG picture of his and started some whack conversation:

I eventually said something along the lines of “I don’t usually do this but I’m not on IG all the time. Here’s my number, we should text”. This is before IG had DMs y’all so I was putting it all out there. Again, I don’t advocate for this approach, I’m a firm believer and understand more that the MAN is supposed to pursue (we can have a biblical convo about this separately if you want. Just shoot me an email.)

So I Took My Shot…

And it worked. We were texting all evening until someone initiated a phone call. The day was Tuesday, June 4,2013- I remember all the details because this is the day I met the love of my life.

We both were very firm that we wanted to be intentional about our “talking” or friendship. He told me he doesn’t just date girls for the heck of it anymore. Not that we had to get married but if that wasn’t at least a thought for my future, we should stop talking now . I agreed and proceeded to tell him that I didn’t believe he could get to know me AND date other girls because it would cloud his judgement so I told him after 4 dates, either we made it “official” or ended it . He jokingly agreed and said he’d spread out our dates. I told him he had to take me out every 2 weeks. Because come on now, how can you get to know someone you never see.

So there it began. We were intentional, I was new to being a Christian (November 2012) and he newly devoted his life back to Christ. I attribute this 100% to the reason we were so intentional with each other and how we made it too marriage; CHRIST ALONE!

Here’s a picture of what he told his IG following he was going to wear on our first date. He was too hyped 🙂 haha

He didn’t wear that by the way.

So there you have it.. that’s how we met and how we started this journey.

5 years total, 2 years of marriage, and almost 2 kids later, I love this man more than ever before and we’re just as happy and intentional as we were the day we first met (at least we try to be, by Gods grace).

Leave comments, let me know what you think. How did you and your spouse meet?

Here’s some pictures of our early dating years- just for the fun of it.

16 thoughts on “It All Started With a Follow: How I Really Met my Husband”

  1. Aww, thanks for sharing Shannon! I remember when Lawrence would talk about you at internship and when he started shopping for your ring. You guys helped me keep hope alive lol about having an intentional Christ-centered relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww SHAN!!! This is too sweet! Thanks for using that picture, I made the blog LOL I’m proud of you for being consisten with the upkeep of your blog. Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cousin!! Lawrence that fit if you would of put that on!😂 Lucky you are Handsome, you might have pulled it off!! I was juiced when I seen June 4 cause my birthday the 5th early present from yAll!! Dope! Proud to have all of you in my life!! This is a Beautiful love story, thanks for sharing!! Steez

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bahahaha!!!! 😂🤣 Girl if I were ignoring my calls for that reason 🙄I might not have been able to put a good word in on that bus ride lol but see GOD knows what He is doing haha. He definitely saw your heart cause I would have been salty lol, I was just trying to check in!!!! 😂😂Omg I love the transparency of this post. And how it reflects God’s sovereignty above all human intervention. You two make a great couple and a power team and I am SO BEYOND GLAD that the Lord brought you two together. Lol now I finally know the full story. Thanks Shannon for sharing this!! 💗💘💙


      1. Awww I love you! 💞💟 you are such an encourager and a great mom and role model!! I admire your great strength & grace.. 😇

        **And I meant after that bus ride lol but I was j/k.


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