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Managing The Home: how do I Measure up to Proverbs 31

As a woman, especially as a Christian woman, I’ve heard many times that the woman’s role in marriage was to manage the home and rear children. THIS scared me! I mean, look at the Proverbs 31 woman… how did she do it all?

I’m trying to imagine how she would be up at night preparing food for her family (verse 15) –if she had a busy toddler like I do? (Im not saying she had a toddler, I’m just putting my circumstances in the context of this scripture)

or how does her husband have full confidence (verse 11) in her when she might’ve felt like she was drowning — like I do?

and how in the heck is she laughing at the days to come ?!?! (Verse 25).. My hands are too full to laugh !!!

well I realized that everything is done in its season, and the proverbs 31 probably didn’t do it all at the SAME TIME, (but f she did, more power to her, haha).

What “managing the home” DOESN’T mean:

1. Doing Everything at ONCE

Everything has a proper time. Some days are easier than others to get stuff done.. as a mommy of two now (new blog on that in the works), I realize I CANT do everything at the same time. I can barely do one thing at a time..

2. Being Like the Next Mom

How you manage your home is how YOU manage your home. (Speaking to myself also). Not everyone does everything the same and that’s okay, find your groove and DO YOU!

3. Doing EVERYTHING alone.

There is a common misconception that being a Christian woman and even a SAHM is very depressing , demanding and that the husband does NOTHING. This is not the case. We manage the home, we’re not the maids. See below to see what it DOES look like.

4. Oppression

It’s actually very freeing to be in charge of what goes on in the home.. dome would think it’s oppressive to limit the woman’s role . But it’s def not a limitation, it’s freeing to have free range over what goes on in your house; to be trusted with the ins and outs … to be supervisor of your home is the best role.

What “Managing the Home” DOES mean?

1. Time Management

It will take some getting used to, I know it does for me. Pacing myself and planning things out. Also, preparing beforehand.. when my husband goes back to work, we will meal prep for us at home and him at work.

2. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

My husband pointed this out to me and it changed my life! He said that being manager of the home does not mean I do everything myself. It means delegating what gets done when and we tackle it as a team. When he told me this, it was life changing. It removed the burden from my shoulders of having to have everything done before he got home from work every day and made me thing: as long as it gets done.

Now we share in chores and household tasks because nothing is considered “the woman’s job” as many may think when they consider the wife’s role of managing the home.

3. Give yourself a break!

This is both figurative and literal. You (and I) can’t be superwoman. So it’s okay to be gracious to ourselves. It’s also okay to ask family and friends for help(with baby 2 here and baby 1 being only a little over a year, I’m taking all the help I can get).

Self care is important to mamas! Go get your nails done, hang with friends, take a nap, eat that ice cream! I’m still trying to figure out what I like to do best to unwind, but I know I need a mommy break. It’s not selfish to self care!

4. Trust God!

Most importantly. When it’s all said and done, God placed us in this position. He will then give us the power to sustain and endure.

So no, I may not be a perfect Proverbs 31 in managing my home, but I’m striving. I’m learning… and that’s what matters.

This process of house management is different for everyone , for the stay at home mom, for the working mom, for the single mom, etc. so our processes don’t necessarily look the same.. but, some of the same principles apply.

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Look below to get some pics of the first week at home with baby Lauren Adrianna Doss, born 8/4/18 at 11:54pm…

6 thoughts on “Managing The Home: how do I Measure up to Proverbs 31”

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! Managing a household as a stay at home mom is not easy, but it’s great that you have such a supportive husband. All the best of luck!


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