Morning Routine: Get You One!

So , a good friend of mine sent me a blog article about setting your morning routine. I wasn’t sure setting a routine would be life changing, but then I tried it!

Setting my morning routine has helped set a positive tone for the day. It gets me up and ready for the day.

So here it is…my morning routine..

the five things I aim to get done every morning :

– make the bed

-brush my teeth

-brush my hair

-clean breakfast dishes (my husband usually makes breakfast before he leaves for work)

-put a load of clothes in washer

Here’s one better, got a nighttime routine too…

Since mornings went so well, I decided to get a nighttime routine as well..

– shower

-straighten up family room

-straighten up Andrew’s room

-clear dinner dishes

As as a stay at home mother, it may seem that the days just slip away; so much to do and so little time.

My advice for you, mama, is get a morning routine together. Let it be 5-7 things that, if it’s all you did in a day, you would be satisfied.

what’s your routine? I’d love to hear

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