The Longing Soul: When Being a Mom isn’t Enough

Sometimes, being a mom just isn't enough.. we all have longings and gifts that we want to use; but having kids, sometimes these take a backseat. For me, I had to wrestle mentally about where God wanted me. I mean, He gave me these talents and desires, so I know He wouldn't want me to waste them as a stay at home mom right?
WRONG!. Click the blog post to read more. . . also, have a look to see some home management resources that a dear friend gave to me.

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#FeatureFriday: “AjarvisThing” on PostPartum Depression

This featurefriday we feature Jenae Jarvis as she talks about her experience with postpartum depression. Jenae Jarvis, of YouTube channel “AjarvisThing” is a mom of three and wife to one. This family of five Vlogs their daily lives of parenting and marriage. They laugh, they cry, and make memories together. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel at: AjarvisThing Or follow them on social media: IG:Ajarvisthing And for business inquiries: