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#FeatureFriday: “AjarvisThing” on PostPartum Depression

I never would’ve expected that I was going to have postpartum depression. Especially with bringing in my third child. Maybe I was being naive, or just thinking the I was “immune” to it since I’ve done this birthing, breastfeeding, newborn thing before.
But boy was I in for an eye opener. I welcomed my beautiful baby boy, Leo 8 weeks ago. The labor was extremely fast compared to my previous two, and my recovery uneventful. I started to notice that something was amiss six weeks into postpartum. On top of the typical exhaustion, late nights and waking up every two hours that come with a newborn. I also had early wake ups and my toddlers were dealing with a schedule change and the regression that comes with welcoming a new sibling.
This hectic yet joyful time started to become tainted with the feeling of being overwhelmed. I was looking at all the things I was accomplishing with my children prior to Leo’s arrival versus what I was getting done now…there was no more park visits, homeschooling was dwindling, our spontaneous ice cream dates and museum trips were a thing of the past. I was getting major mom guilt especially with my toddlers asking basically daily to go “bye bye”.
After not being able to shake this feeling of being overwhelmed, I began to become irritable, and would cry in the shower. So I googled what was going on and low and behold it was signs of baby blues and postpartum depression. Instantly I was embarrassed. I shouldn’t be going through this, I’m supposed to be Wonder Woman conquering this motherhood thing with three kids three and under. I felt like I was constantly standing in an ocean. During good times it would be low tide and I was rocking this motherhood thing; kids were fed I was fed, dressed, and we were able to squeeze in a fun activityoe two. And then there were he times were I was feeling the water rise, high tide was rolling in fast and hard, I was beginning to drown; things weren’t getting done, the house was a mess, I had pajamas on all day, I can’t get sleep, me time or the meals done.
Although I wasn’t “drowning” everyday, my husband and I decided I should get help. In doing so I realized my expectations for myself were unrealistic and sky high. I needed to sleep, I learned lack of sleep is the number cause of PPD, and I was definitely lacking sleep.
My prescription: more sleep, schedule and follow through with me time, and instead of trying to be a real life Wonder Woman, try instead to be a happy mother whose cup wasn’t on empty so she can pour into her children without being depleted, positive affirmations, and to keep track of how many times a week high tide came in case my “prescription” needed to change.
Although high tide still raises, it happens much less. I’ve learned that I am not Wonder Woman but fearfully and wonderfully made and with God’s grace this will be a battle of the past and a beautiful testimony!
Jenae Jarvis, of YouTube channel “AjarvisThing” is a mom of three and wife to one. This family of five Vlogs their daily lives of parenting and marriage. They laugh, they cry, and make memories together.
You can subscribe to their YouTube channel at: AjarvisThing
Or follow them on social media:
And for business inquiries: AjarvisThing@gmail.com

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