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#FeatureFriday: “AjarvisThing” on PostPartum Depression

This featurefriday we feature Jenae Jarvis as she talks about her experience with postpartum depression. Jenae Jarvis, of YouTube channel “AjarvisThing” is a mom of three and wife to one. This family of five Vlogs their daily lives of parenting and marriage. They laugh, they cry, and make memories together. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel at: AjarvisThing Or follow them on social media: IG:Ajarvisthing And for business inquiries: AjarvisThing@gmail.com

Encouragement, Feature Friday, Motherhood

Confessions of a Married Mama

Recently, I got a chance to collaborate with fellow blogger mama Jo Funderbunk (@momslikeher). We decided to produce point and counterpoint blog entries detailing our married vs. single motherhood experiences thus far. Jo is a newly single mama of a one-and-a-half-year-old son and she's trying to master the art of co-parenting. I, on the other hand, have been married for two years and am the mama of a seven-month-old son and expecting my second! Our experiences have been vastly different but when it comes down to the love of our family, we share a common bond. Click the link in my bio to read both of our stories; they’re posted sequentially. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Feature Friday, Motherhood

Lessons in Love: Baking with Bella

A little about this week's guest blogger: She goes by Angie or Mrs. N! Angie is a full-time working mommy and wife, and part-time MBA student. She have a passion for writing, and loves writing about juggling career, motherhood, fitness, with a little bit of travel. Her blog has something for all women, mothers and non-mothers alike. She is learning a lot on this motherhood journey, and only has one daughter (who is a beautiful handful). Welcome Angie to #mymommyhood

Feature Friday

Say No to Yes

One reason I created #FeatureFriday is a way for like-minded bloggers to share their stories, experiences, tips and much more. I would love to introduce you all to our FIRST guest blogger, Chrystal Neely. Chrystal Neely is married and a working mom of two Pokémon, Super Mario obsessed boys.  She is a corporate writer and has been published in various Atlanta-based magazines. Most recently, her writing was featured on POPSUGAR. After eight years of #boymommin, she has developed her personal blog, "More Lemonade Please," centered around thriving in spite of the lemons life throws at you. Welcome Chrystal. #mymommyhood