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Millennial Moms: Why is it so Hard to Make Friends?

Tried to make mom friends and had no luck? Anyone else prisoner to their thoughts? Desiring to be the best friend they can be but secretly scared they'll never be enough? Clicked instantly with other moms, or just friends in general, exchange numbers, followed by a downhill slope of text messages and missed calls? Comment, let's dialogue , about your experience and what works for you.


Snippets of MyMommyhood: Sleep is a Distant Memory

Snippets of MyMommyhood is something new I want to start doing. I'd love to engage with continuous blog posts but it takes time that I don't always have. So, I'm going to use these little snippets to be short and sweet but keep you all updated on #mymommyhood. A regular nights sleep may be far far away for some moms, and that's okay. I'm a firm believer in meeting your child where they're at. No mommy shaming here! There will be plenty of time for sleep in the distant future (haha). But right now, enjoy the snuggles, cuddles and extra comfort time with your little one (reminding myself as I write this cause the struggle is REAL!).

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Stop Talking About My Child’s Weight

As a mom, or just as a parent, have you heard "oh he/she needs to stop eating" or "wow, they're so tiny" or any statements aimed at your child's weight? I know I have, and I am tired of it. .... It honestly makes me doubt my motherhood when I hear my baby is fat for his age or will be overweight as a toddler. It causes me to second guess his hunger cues and my mothers intuition, become insecure about whether I'm fit to be his mom, and other insecure thoughts.


Feature Friday: Who Makes Up Your Village?

A little about this weeks guest blogger: Hi, I’m Sarah! I am a mother, a wife, a middle sister, an aunt, a daughter and poodle mom. I am a certified professional life coach, owner of Blessings and Lessons Coaching, host of the Homework to Happiness Podcast and now, founder of Mommy Real. As a life coach, I have made it my mission to create a space for moms, where self love is rediscovered by simply keepin’ it real. Mommy Real.

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Confessions of a Married Mama

Recently, I got a chance to collaborate with fellow blogger mama Jo Funderbunk (@momslikeher). We decided to produce point and counterpoint blog entries detailing our married vs. single motherhood experiences thus far. Jo is a newly single mama of a one-and-a-half-year-old son and she's trying to master the art of co-parenting. I, on the other hand, have been married for two years and am the mama of a seven-month-old son and expecting my second! Our experiences have been vastly different but when it comes down to the love of our family, we share a common bond. Click the link in my bio to read both of our stories; they’re posted sequentially. We’d love to hear your thoughts!